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Wiper Parts 8


Wheel Box Chrome Bezel Length 0812”  

90deg Chrome Bezel Length 0.625”

#ecomm_1_692 #ecomm_1_700

Lucas Wheel Box Bush - 54715902


Angled Chrome Bezel Length 0.0625

Sold Out

Lucas Wheel Box Bush -54711100


Lucas Wheel Box Bush -54711101

#ecomm_1_708 #ecomm_1_709

Lucas Wiper Motor Connector DR3a - 14w

Lucas Wiper Tube Adaptor 54701385

#ecomm_1_712 #ecomm_1_713

Lucas Wiper Motor Tube Connector 1.125”  

Lucas Vintage Wiper Tube Connector  

Sold Out

Some of the parts on the page are used on this Replica Ford GT 40 car.

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