Helpful Hints

A) How to View Larger Pictures.

When using the ‘Visual Search’ function, each picture has text below it to give a brief description.  If you click the text, it will open a larger view of the picture. See example below, give it a try. Close the Large picture when finished.

B) Best Ways to Use Search

There are two types of search in use on our web site.

1) If you don’t know the number of the part you could use the Visual Search to try to find the part that looks like what you need, Alternatively.

2) You could use the List Search type in the make of car, to locate all parts for the car on our web site.

3) If you know the number of the part, just type it into the List Search, and click the item that comes up.  This will take you to the Visual Search page, a red box will flash on the selected part.

C) To Buy the selected Part.

View the enlarged picture if required, as explained above.

Click on the picture of the part and it will take you to the stock page, where you can buy it through ‘Pay Pal’.

D) To Find The International postage cost.

When your on the stock list Page, click on the box on the Right to see the postage costs. Extra cost will be invoiced Via PAYPAL. plus £1.00 GBP Packing, after deducting the UK postage cost. GO TO POSTAGE COSTS NOW

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Lucas Headlamp Rim Jag MKVII

Very Rare 1951-1957